Monday, October 5, 2009

> o <

Finally got a new laptop. Heine the 2nd it is now.
Still in a dilemma tihnking what to cospaly for EOY this year.
-pulls hair out-

Alright, I actually have decided on redoing Gokudera again. Hmm, yeah did him before actually. Kind of an impromotu thing...for the YOG Countdown. -shurgs-

>Pictures are credited to Geckoz. =3

Diffrenet version of cos.
Now the porblem arises; which version?
In old Heine, i have most of the version, screenshots and detailed labelling...
Guess I am back to square 1 on the intense research.
Bah...-pokes self face-
how to lose the cheeks T_____T
OTL to she-ish.

Oh well.

I miss cosplay again.

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