Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Motto: Absorb. I dont care hor ;3

Den den den dennn ;D

I am most surprised at how people could not be clam when they are alone. Hmm... like when they are suddenly intrigued by whatever-things, they could umm.. be so... irritating.
Umm, it is not that i do not act like that. But i am like that only when i am around people, cos they reminded me that 'This is how you should act'
Hhmm.. other wise~ i would only be.. 'Oh.. ok.. (accepts)'
Nah~ i kept disagreement to myself. Too lazy to air out disagreement to anything. Lol.

Aikkk... and i am again too lazy to type my thoughts...

Blah blah blah blah~

Just that i need to chiong my dynasty warrior costume quick.
My mother approves of joining the competition.

Oh, and my parents wants me and my sister to go for a holiday...
the options given to us are
1) Korea
2) Taiwan
3) Hong Kong
4) Japan

i think i will either pick korea or taiwan. Although i really really really want to go to Japan, but it is going to be expensive i am sure! ;3
But i am actually just worried about
1) Comunication
2) Food!
3) I might forgot to come home =X

Hahaha XDD

Eh well, exams are coming to an end soon. Just one more paper more before graduation. I am having mixed feelings about everything.
I am feeling all warm and fuzzy. -sigh-

Guess my emotions are not stable yet still. Pardon me for being sensitive! Che~

And i am eyeing a lot of books and games. I think i am going to get the limited edition TekKen PSP version. If teh price will drop till about $300.
Ah i miss solitude. But i seem to be getting some.. but just a little.. im grateful. (_ _)

Uuwaa... i have to began sewing all my design soon. yay!
3 more days till i can burst and i am all motivated to do stuff ;D

Kings and queens- 30 seconds to Mars

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