Tuesday, March 23, 2010


22 03 2010

Did a really spontaneous shot.

Manage to dig out a new Gokudera outfit. Joking, the shirt had been bought ages ago, but I just have no time to wear it yet. Good thing too, that i can wear it for Gokudera now.

Lol. Gokudera and Lambo 15yrs.
Well, my wish for a shoot came true. A rather like self shoot. Like, not as pai seh as having a photographer taking your picture, and you feel guilty that you might not be worth the wasted time on.. ahax.
Moving on~

Started at 4pm. Moved along the strecth of Orchard.

To the shoots~

Lambo set ;D
Ahohoho =w=

Gokudera set ;D

i want/need more shoots. =A=

this is worse than drug.


Well, that should be about most of them.

Kings and Queens= 30STM

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