Friday, April 16, 2010

Re-post / update

Well as promised, here are some pictures taken hastily, cos the batteries are low~

Done= 30 DUNAMIS finally!

27 new ones.
3 remainig are the prototypes. They are actually not that bad at all, so, I have decided not to make any changes or amend the dynamites.

Only 23 of them manage to be cramped into my hat. Well, at least hat here is being useful =D
Each dynamite was well... detailed enough.
I am so proud of them ;D

and with that done~
On to the costume:
Now, making the straps and bands to hold the dynamites.


Killing two birds with a spear.
I am already starting on Taigong's. Little props first; attempt the earrings.

Am going to redo this~
100% not accurate.

But its very beri nice still.
=3 =

Bigbang- Haru haru -hearts- *_*

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