Thursday, April 8, 2010


And the dateline for the online competition had been postoned to July.
I am going to go for Taigong Wang from Orochi.

Suppose I could reuse Gokudera wig for Taigong. So, dont have to buy. Need to restyle the wig it seems like it. Ahax.

And that aside, have some time to think through.
The upcoming one will be NYP Club crawl. 20th-21st this month.
And, one of teh days~ speculating Steampunk. Haha I cannot imagine myself pulling it off.

The other day, I really want to do Miharu (Nabari).
Hah, if I do him, will need to get teh entire outfit soon.

Mann... ALWAYS wanted to do these people some day. XD

Finally an excuse to do them... Well. Miharu still 50% doubt, cos kind of close, and measn need to whip out money on the
> Shirt (well... i have a white shirt, but it doesn't have pockets, but i can always add one temporarily)
> Pants (definately need to buy, but it can be worn casual too. So, no loss there)
> Red tie (Daiso lor. Pfft)
> Hair (Umm well.. my reaky hair is too long. I can use Shinn wig ;D)

Right. Will update again next time when I've progressed)

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