Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hahha to balance it out~ Right after a cosplay post, here will be TEH POST OF DESPAIRING ;D Jen Jeng Jneggg -piano music, on a dark and stormy night plays- Went to that talk at that academy recently. Not that bad ar the place. The modules etc seems really tough. Duh~~~ As its gets higher, its ALWAYS and DEFINATELY harder to breathe. OTL And not only the hard and tough modules... The mooleh and fees etc shit will be a GREAT challenge too. Im sooo...-not- up for this.. -looks ard, shifty eyes- Oh confound it all! -throws both hands up in the air- As bad as it sounds, its as baddd as it will/can get. I feel like a dented ping pong ball. Floating on ice water...


and rock from side to side in spasms adn fit or horror and despair.

Like Nish said:
'After ten years of self-analysis, Nish knew his own character intimately, but he coundn't do anything about his biggest failing, despair.'

-claps hands-

And i still have costumes to sew and props to do.

Updates. ;D
Though I am guilty of not doing much too. =X

The ROD.

It need a name.
Its shall be... Johnny!


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