Sunday, June 6, 2010

Stormy Day

Whoa whoa whoa~

I realised that I hd terribly left this place alone with ZERO (0) updates. Heh~
-rolls around in guilt-

Right, sometime ago.
Had Bel X Jil
Rasiel was apparently the main char soo says Belphy. =A=
Lol~ say whut? .__.

Hiked Mt Faber in paltforms D:
Lesson learnt, wasting $$ on cab fare is more practical XD
-thats what the security guarsd says too!-

Up Up Up we hike~
and had shots.
I havent edited anymore pictures than what I had upload on facebook =X
im such a lazy thing -shakes head in disbelief-

Well, here are the repeats -chuckles-

Akiwatari: Rasiel TYL
Mizu: Belphegor TYB

and~ some off-moments shoots too ;D

When the hair is not in the way, this is how Rasiel looks like! -bricks self till face swells-

I have to find/ get a mouse to edit more photos.
This feels like a half-assed post.... again. -not surprised-

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