Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dead and withered

-Inhale air exhales air-

Its called breathing. HAHA.
Lol. Wtfh~ OTL

All I wanted to do right now is just to draw and keep drawing.
I realised too that I'v only touched Voltaire and be with him for about less than 10 times.
And considering how I can sleep with him anddddd he sits beside me all teh time.
Eh... (_ _)
GOMEN Voltaire!
Omg, and I dont even have the skills in teh first place to do anything with him. T_T


Murni send me a message to support her art work. And I am actually feeling proud of her! HAHA I don;t know why though. And her work is really nice.
Go support...

After looking through her work, I have a will... to full fill my dreams too.
I have a lot of dreams. Well, not exactly A LOT. But many...

1) World domination.
Oh yes. But I dont want to dominate the world with ummm... a direct ruling ettc.
Actually, it will only be sort of from how my life would one day be a HUGE MEGANOUMOUS influence to EVERY SINGLE BEING ON EARTH.
Well, like Lacus Clyne. Yeah like that.
But this dream came to me when I was in Kindergarden. So Gundam wasn;t there yet to shoot ideas -more ideas XDD- at me. =DDD

2) Travelling
Yep, who doesnt want to travel around teh world.
Russia, Japan, Korea, HK, NZ, All of Europe *_________*
HAHAHA -bricks self-

3) Open a public gallery
Since when I was in primary school, yeah I dreamt of this.
Its a prelude to world domination actually.

4) An artist A performer
This.... is worth laughing at.
I mean... my singing and acting and public speaking skills is... NIL
Rofl. I cant even perform.
So.. THIS~ Will always be a dream.
Yep This is a dream ;D
Its sort of come together hand in hand with opening a publi gallery and world domination. =3 =
But after my degree, I will take steps to realise to be an atrist.
I DO want to paint and draw forever.
Im happy doing that.
Then of course, it isn;t only restricted to fine arts, there is a WHOLE world out there.
So many branches extending from the root of Art. -loves-
Writing is art too~ performing is too.... etc etc
dokun dokun dokun

5) Open an Inn
hahaha read too much books and watch too much movies.

Oh yes, and I wont see this coming.
Applied for relief teaching(so not full time bah XD)
And the application got tru and accepted by moe. So...
Now I will need to go and contact (email) schools to request for vacciencies (YEA REQUEST >D)
for a relief teacher. Pray I can get a school or a few schools. This is my last few resorts already D:

And I want or more like really need to purchse a set of Studio Ghibli movies.
Will always give me motivation to keep on moving and inspiration.
Hope and hearts. Sadness, despair and yet a smile.


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