Thursday, November 4, 2010

Orange Earl

At times like this, death is definately sweeter, and worry-free.

My mother told me that the journey would take 50mins... and she actually meant only the journey exclusive of taking 62. OTL Oh man...
I know I am in deep shit when its 7.30 and the bus is only at the 25th bus stop. There are 39 stops in all. -stabs self-
and so... i ran from teh bus stop till the school. Urgh. I was praying that I wont faint or fell into a deeper shit situation. Well I didnt...yet.
The next shit was that the clerk don't know where the class is... and after running up and down a few stories, finally found a map, and the classes location. Pfft.
There isn't a good distribution of the classrooms. hah... -dies-
only at 8.25 then the lesson starts.
And half of me wants to jump down from UOB tower, another half of me wants to go OTL and cry. Tsk.
and some part of me wished that I had screwed this so damn hard that they wont want me to work for them anymore. T__T
Haiz. Now... I just remembered that my brother cursed that my day today will start bad with rain. Hey, the rain DID led to a traffic and thenn... yeah the reast of teh shit.
Oh..and 74 doesnt come often too.

The day is totally contrary to joy and brightness.
The kids are quitet. I swear I feel like shouting at them to speak louder. Pfft how come the girls are so soft spoken. Haiz. Omg, Im that bad a teacher. But I am sooo at the wrong.

I think I will be fired.


Ore= Magnet for all things bad. Yay~

And I don't know how to do fun lessons.
I bet they all think that I sux damn bad, fucking boring, disgusting, horrible explainer, retarded and uh.....just so damn bad. T____T

Im NOT cut at all.
To force a bright side on this= At least I really didn't faint after running so hard all the way. -sobs-

And after that, depressingly went to CP to get tea. I got the 5 per pack box.. but the box behind the first row... is a different falvour. Ugrh! And yeahh... i got Earl Grey.
To force a bright side on this screw up= At least its not mango. -smiles weakly-

Then go back HM to check if the gift is ready for collection, its not... So... just go home I guess.
To force a bright side on this= At least I know the arcade there have Jubeat. =__=;

Then 40mins after I reached home, the gift ppl call me and say its ready for collection.
To force a bright side on this= At least its completed.

Now... I have a test to study for. Oh yeah, I owe this place overdue Halloween pictures.
Dont feel like reposting that day, so... go to my LJ =D
Hmm I only have 1 camwhore picture. -depressed-

The way I screw up my life is just amazing.

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