Thursday, November 18, 2010

AFA 2010 Day 1 and 2

This post is resereved for picture spams from AFA day 1 and day 2.


Probably be just pictures, since my LJ got the coverage.

Date: 5 December 2010
I am back... well not for long here. I still have report to Ahax, report to complete and pre-lab to read up and complete too. Tutorial homeworks.
What I would give to get a carefree life~ O_Q /sobs/

Right, Its picture spams from AFA. Long wait already huh?
Since I didnt take pictures(not many...less than 5) of other cospalyers... So most of the pictures are sefl promotion ;D Hurrhurr~

Hahahah here is a full view of us. Toilet lighting -loaaadddsss of hearts-

Lets move on to the event place~
Oh first day was Gokudera Ring Conflict ver.
While Xuyun did Hibari. Hmm... Ring colflict ver too, but Hibari is pretty much the same ;D
Her Hibird is soooo cute~ and yes! Its a REAL non-living one. Nicest I will ever see >__>

zzzzzzzzzzzzz.... continue other time ar~

kay~ day 2

Pretty much all that what I took. Besides the spammage of wall posters displayed at the event. They make good backdrop. Ahahah =D
Rest of normal pictures go to my LJ ar. ;D

mann.. i know I look sacry =DD Bwhahaha~~

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