Thursday, January 6, 2011

Event dump =DDD

Cosplay event in December: EOY!
This year, I had more pictures of myself on net then other cosers. Nice one... when i have no more camera, i get pictures from other photogs ;D
Anyways, did Taigong,Elder Duke from Orochi 2.

Well.. my dad and mother came down. And I turned black face... ^Hah. Can u tell from these 2 pictures? But then... I cooled down... and is okay. Because my mother gave my panadol. HAHA. I was having a half bad migrane at that point. Must be the hot and cold.
Haiz.. cos they decide that its time to see what an event is like. Hmmm... my mother found it ok. But I think my father think it is a little 'not right'. So weirrd man... They Ooohh and Aahhh at everything. And thanks to vocaloids.. my mother want to see me in a VERY POOFY PRINCESSY costume OTL Nooo way. I mean... im ok with it but... storage?! Crap man. -sighs- anyways, my brother came down as cos too. Ok. I am NOT going to bring him down to any events anymore. Pfft. Waste of my time and effort. The performances are amazing man! Cant wait for the next event. Whee..

Chess Feast another 0A annual gathering

Woke up early in teh morning to get dressed. Yay. Picnic. 0A gathering <3>

at the end of the day... i had sore eyes for both eyes.
As lovely as unicon lens are and look... they are terrible to my eyes health. D:
Switch back to encore fan.

Hmm.. the other pictures are at LJ.
Its quite pointless to repeat stuff from there here. Pretty much nothing to blog anymore about the picnic =D

My gosh. I am such a lazy ass.. Bwhahah >D

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