Thursday, January 6, 2011

Way to go~

I like this pic the best. Because its sooo worng. Gahahah =DD


Okay... here are the updates.. after MONTHS OTL
phail lah.. hahaha
well, sudden shoot again with mizu. Went to Bukitbatok and ended up start late.
Its raining like shit storm man! Pfft. So, it cannot be finished. Half shoot D:
Yeah she did Taki, I did Tai.
Oh man... i miss using Mika. O__Q
Here are some pictures. dampen mood to edit. HAHAH okok. bad joke.

Uh, actually its the only pic i edit.
because suddenly tests, assignments and exams began pouring. T___T
Hmmmm i can edit more now.. but... I want new pic cos I greedy XDD

Just the way you are

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