Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blooming New Year

Well well well. I admit that I had cast this place for a really long time. Haha Not the first time I have done this though =D Things didn't stop at the Jan Tai/Taki shoot =X On February, 0A gathering at Sentosa. A Chinense New Year event. After that, off to oogle at the Vaneltino exhibition after a small picnic. Memories of that day is not really fuzzy yet.

School's Day Out!

Lunch time~
Ah damn... Heine cannot input Japanese char. O_Q
After nomnoms, went around to Universal Studios.

all misty there ;D
The crowd got worse. Ah I should tell, our mission was to head to the Sentosa spring flowers exhibition. Well....we walked and walked. But the flowers are nowhere in sight. All the covers the ground are HUMANS.
urgh, and foreigeners. My eyes are tearing, from the lens T_T
Sensei's shoes are hurting her feet. Pfft Disappear people adn crowds -Poof and they multiplied OTL-

In the end, we sat at the Forum. Had a little rest before entering Valentino exhibition.
Its is soooo amazing. All his works. Well, its not porfessional for nothing eh? Haha.

There were some zodiac. Since I am a snake, well... took picture of the Snake. XD

Another round at the exhibition, we head to Vivo then home. Whew. So sleepy that the journey home felt like it was only a couple of minutes.

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