Thursday, April 14, 2011

Comifest 2011

and... after that New year...
I couldn't remember what else that happen.

Only horrible vivid memories of toutured units and down with lots of tests.
Ah now I remember why I barely touched the net ;D

Oh I remembered Gin's birthday. Uh its was sooo odd and strange. Because his friends seem familiar to me. Ah I see... we meet or glanced or stare or something before. Rofl.
But thanks for the truffle. I couldn't stay awake for tha long after consuming it. D:

Then... Comifest.
Yeah thats right. Hahaha Its quite placed at the back of my huge blank head.

Hmm it clashed with the Angela and Flow aniflux at RP. But the tickets...too broke to get anyways. Hurr~ cannot watch Angela then. Blegh~
Hmm meet them at Esplanade Xchange.
Mizu did Little Prince.I did a $0 cos. >D

With existing stuff I have... Allen Walker before exorcist version.
Now I feel like doing the uniforms. -Whheewww- Cannot lah. So many plans to last 2 years.
But Timcappy is soo noms-able XD

Finally get to see Bishiounen XD
Thats Kenneth~

The people there...tsk tsk. I sort of feel like hurling. It feels sooo new atmosphere.
Maybe the Bridal event sorta contributes to the not-very-nice feel.

Whats after?
SOY I guess. (Y)

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