Friday, August 26, 2011

Erased and Replaced

Just started on watching Kamisama Dolls. I think I will follow this anime. Heh, just because there is a silver haired guy in the 1st episode named Aki. Hurr~
Progressing on Tiger and Bunny. <3
On episode 21 now. Its sad that Kotestu is being set up. I always knew that Maverick is such an evil dick. Anime intuition is right. Yosh!
Argh man! I feel like jumping in and save Tiger. -rolls around mad-
Should start catching up on Ao no Exorcist and Bleach. 
Lots of other anime to catch up to eh. Damn my procrastinating self.

Today I bought the PVC for Motochika's armour, boots and wrist armour too. 
and looking at a classmate's sequined bag gave me an idea that I should not paint my costume. Instead, I should make the designs out of sequins!
Hell yeah~

Ah the shamisen is a little complete. 

 The body first. Cardboard power.
Then glued 2 pieces of wood together with epoxy. Secured with tape at 8cm alternate length. Hope will not snap apart or something. 
The two pictures above combo to get this. So now, what is left is the neck. I plan to use high density foam and the tuner-thing with plain rolled paper hardened with white glue.
Need to get the decorations for this dear soon!

EOY is  approaching really soon. -shivers-

Ah crap, sewing machine is busted again.

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