Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hollow box?

Props update this time round

Progressing really slowly with EOY's costume and props. I aim to finish the shamisen by end of September. But since today is a holiday, there is no work. Yosh~ So glad. Manage to draft out the proportions for the Shamisen. I admit its fun, but a little confusing.

In the end, the cut out body is not really proportionate to what I measured and planned as I am running out of cardboard! So, I have to halt the progress and wait for the IKEA table to be assembled so that I can use the cardboard box. Hurr~

Just the middle of the dO. Will need 3 more of this piece and a long long board to be the side. Then can attach the wooden sao. 

The challenge is going to be the elaborate head. I plan to make the itomaki actually turns. This will facilitate if there are any need to change the strings. Will be most fun and cool if its actually playable. 

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