Sunday, October 23, 2011

So monochrome...

I unintentionally wore my initial garyuu pieces to training today. 
But not all. Almost. 
Now I think grey wig will still work in garyuu outfit. 

And that hair clip. 

The characters that you cosplayed... slowly fuse themselves with you. Or is it that I feel like I can relate to that character that, that is why I chose to do him/her. It felt both ways to me now.

Life not so fucked up now eh?

I still have report to do. 
But I am watching videos and busy with despair to care.
I still want to do report though... but I don't know how to do them is turning the report mood off.

Man I suck at calculations.

Now I wished that Gokudera's genius will really rub on me.


Vistlip- Drop note

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