Saturday, October 15, 2011

Props update

Last Saturday, did a Rin shoot. At Dampsey Hill with Yuu and Mizu.
I feel awkward actually being the only one being shoot. Lol.
I definitely have to work at character expression, portrayal etc.
so basically, I still sucks. HAHA

So now, while school schedule is a little empty, and EOY is in 2 months! 
Oh my gosh. Hurried up with the shamisen. Its around 80% completed now. 
The head is left and the 'tail'. Actually, I totally forgot about the bottom-most piece.

The body after clothing in red velvet. Velvet from Mizu. Thanks dude. 
Looking and feeling nice. 

Next! The super duper nice scaly gold yellow cloth. 
Oh mai. Oh mai. I like this cloth so so much...

And after wrapping a little of the side, I have to cut out some irregular leaves and petals.
Paste them on the body. 
Haha. Miranda at the reflection. 

Not forgetting to paste the sides too. 

 So now... This is the progress so far. 
Pictures of the head won't load. So I post them up next time. 

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