Sunday, December 11, 2011

One more week

I am trying hard to finish at least 90% of my costume by Sunday. And I did it! What is left now, is for teh paint to dry and style wig. Which I bet that the wig is going to give me a really hard time.
Well, I would have all done by Sunday, I I don't have to waste precious time to free my hands from Superglue. I hate glue. T^T

I still go out entire day shipping etc. Hurr~ There you go. Well planned time. I have to miss watching the Eclipse because these staring at small  details etc gave a terrible migraine. Well, actually I think not eating for a long time also killed my head  ;D

 at first, I sew them on.. 1 by 1. 
With lots of patience. And then the grumbling starts...
 My mom handed me UHU glue. Oh how I hated the smell and stickyness. But hey, I have to get things done asap. 
 And so... this is 13m of sequins. I ran out 3 times. So, the end product have 3 diff colour and shine. -stabs brain- 
 Yeah, The shine is overpowering. 

Something else other than costume, I want this man! Hello kitty shower gel.
Reminds me soo much of TM Rev. It must be the glasses. 

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