Friday, November 25, 2011

Ah Faarrrkk

LJ for non-self promo. Hahaha Lazy to retype here. 

Day 1: Claire Forrest

Haha I think girls characters are hard to pull of. Should have not worn the fake eyelashes. But it won't feel right for Gonzo. Lawl.
Completed the outfit just the night before. 

Day 2: Kai Hiwatari again

The white scarf now is blue again. Damn dye, why you run?!
Triangles too small. Because some Indo cosers are hogging the whole stretch of wash basins and mirror. Though there are only 3 or 4 of them. Tsk tsk. 

Ah now I have to complain.
I really HATE LOATHE DESPISE to have my birthday being celebrate. Just finished raging and really smashing and breaking things because I am really angry that its going to be celebrated. There is a bloody fucking reason why even my own family don't dare celebrate my birthday. I already made it clear when I am still a child. 

I have pictures to prove my hatred and rage on that party.
I won't even appreciate anything. I won't be thankful at all for anyhting.

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