Monday, June 18, 2012

Butterfly gold prints

As in my LJ post. The Harry Potter exhibition is so damn amazing. 
Pictures are up at facebook so I won't repeat posting them again. 

Meanwhile, sewing up Shinsuke's yukata. Done with the base and left with the obi and the designs on the yukata. The sandals, I have placed order at GMarket and wig is due for collection. Hmm the sandals, if it won't reach in time, I will have to loan from Zura. 
BOOYEAH. I have Zura at disposalll- rolls ard- Awww I wish got Gintoki too. I really want the team of the old war. The uniform, I plan to do for next year.
So, I have to get a katana. A general purpose katana. 

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