Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gold flutter bys~

Last night... we (Kiyo and I) had a night shoot.
Its 1.23am now and I am not thinking right. Cutting butterflies and wings and the details in the wings to make a stencil. -tears hair off head-

I am going mad.

Ah carry on with the shoot. Night shoot with flash, but in the end, pictures used full Auto mode on Mika turns out better. Sooooo darn lazy to test night on Mika and adjust setting. Ahax. 

Haven't edit the pictures yet. Heck editing, haven't filter even! Hah. 

Giving priority to Shinsuke's costume now.
-claws face- 

Contact lenses are here already. Geta are still on the way.
Zura is nice enough to lend his geta and immortal katana. Wonder how he going to uprise against the government without his samurai soul. LOL.   /bricks

I smell my mother reheating cream and cheese pasta in the kitchen. -stomach growls-

Shall go back to my costume. 

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