Wednesday, April 9, 2014

J obs 2014

In bathrobes and changed waiting for Kitty who went in to look for seats.
Hotsuin Yamato again. He needs a hair cut.
Haven't cos-ed to Streetfest or I think now confirm its called J-obsession, for a really long time. Wore base from home, and.. didn't have time to finish up. Well, I could finish up at Popeyes but Kitty there, it will be extremely boring to be doing make up and somebody just nicely wait. Hahaha. Anyways, met Jo, Thel, Kuro and their photog before we head down to Popeyes. Camwhored a before and after with them.
Just had a small mashed potato and then rot the rest of the day talking at Starbucks with kitty.
Just see peeps and Hi and Bye. Also popcorn and other ppl and juniors. Hahaha MISSES EVENTS SO MUCH!
and OMG I MISSED CUTE NAOYA. Hurr~ totally forgot abt it.
Then its suddenly dinner and grabbed some bites at PS, and met Kiyo there.
The whole event is a jumble. Remembers much of TMRev and other bombastic songs. Yay~~

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