Thursday, April 24, 2014

SnK awaited shoot

Don't think there was any events after J-Obsession, so the next up should be the very much anticipated Shingeki no Kyojin team shoot.
Levi: Xuyun
Eren: Akiwatari
Sasha: Yuuki
Jean: Yukio
Bert: Katou
Historia: Sarah
Ymir: Yuui
Rico: Mizurei

Unfortunately, Sasha isn't able to make it. All the way in Malaysia for a cos-competition. Ganbatte!
This time, the shoot spans over 3 cruel days.
Day 1: Casual town outfit
Day 2: Uniform and 3DMGs
Day 3: Free and easy BBQ
So, actually ist only 2 days. Hahah but still very much taxing. Omg and the withdrawls still pretty much all high now (4 days later).
Day 1 unfortunaley didn't achieve much at all. The rain was nice, but hard to shoot cos photog's camera c'mon man. Rain drops also unsightly on outfits. Lol.
Day 2, was bight and sunny and absolutely nice.
So so sooo thankful to the helpers who also, well... help to capture the poses(well, we all basically shoved our cameras to them. Hahaha) How can people have so many photogs for their shoots le sobs.
Day 3, we used the T-shirts that Ymir did for us all. Hunt for BBQ shit in the morning. We should have booked beach pits so can use till next morning. Hahaha and then camp and swim too.

Still on the way to edit the pictures.

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