Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Cosfest over this year. Will be the final year it will be held at DTE until the renovations are over. Such a meaningful event. I can remember going there with no idea what is going on when I was in secondary school, because going to class chalet etc. Now, its something to look forward to every year. Didn't cosplay though for both days, last weekend. And only bought 1 single bookmark when actually planned to get more stuff. Hahaha wth man.
Basically just walked and walked and walked. Sorry I kept walking away, somehow can't seem to stay at a spot! Walking as a civillian is pretty refreshing. Not treated any differently as to when actually cosing. Only no photogs take your pictures of cos. (Not like many take pics when cosing, lmao).

Second day school ended early, do work fast and can drop by DTE~ Only Yuu chan cos on the second day. Didn't recognise who she was doing, even after the cles she gave. Only recognise Ryan who was doing one of the gods from that anime. HAha i didn't watch that anime though. Lasted only till episode 1. Read the manga halfway also. Those BroCon, Diabolik kind of genre. Don't mind the guys at all, but 1 single girl damsel in distress, its bloody annoying. Hahah don't even rmbr the title! /headdesk
Wanted to take a  picture with Reika, but but the Q is kind of long. So its okay, don't add on to her 'long Q' hehe

Went home quite early for both days, because day 1 was my sister's birthday and day 2, just nede to get home on time for break fast.

Pictures are still being edited.

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