Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Growing hair

Today, before going. off to school, I sneak a use from my sister's hair iron. Kufufufufu~ 
My last haircut was... Heichou. Yesh with the back slope and all... 

Months before

Hahahha the back grew faster than the fringe! Lol. Such oddly lengthified hair. Without straightening, its just absolute Hobbit bed hair and side flips. Idk man, wavy hair have their own life. 

Might as well style it to Allelujah. Need lots of cutting too. And I feel like I am balding in the front. Orz edited no makeup face. Hahah just take off the oily skin, and > eyebrow too. Sorry never edit lens and eyemakeup in. Just outline eyelid and waterline de. Totally forgot. 

Many levels of eyebleed in a single post.   -bows-

Kay goign to watch Persona now... Or sleep...

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