Friday, June 10, 2011

Chicken pox log

The Sunday after comifest was terrible. There I was thinking that I was sick because of the rain. 3 days later, I was very wrong. I had.. chicken pox! O_Q
Urgh. Really wrong timing to have it! besides a cosplay month, my days are packed with quizzes and lab work. So... How am I going to go to school? I can skip lectures but not lab and quiz. Blegh.
And most of the pocks are on my face T_T
Nice one. FML

So Day 1 really began on 8June2011.

Just woke up and had breakfast. Normal routine but just feel 10 better than the night before which I had a terrible fever.. No... Its not after gasha effect HAHA.
Then Yuu called and we chat a little. It was when I was going to pick up my handphone when I noticed a slight bubble-buldge on my hand. My mind raced a million km/hr. @_@
stares at the bubbles and the voice at the other end of the receiver was no longer yadda-yadding in my ears. All I can hear is " YOU ARE SO SCREWED! HAH!"
Uh then continue yadding. I was already impatient in the bathroom. Seriously. -puts phone down-
Ran out of the bathroom and screamed for my mother.
'MOM! I have chicken pox man!'
They really celebrated. Woots finally. but.... why now O_Q
I have tests and labs.. and Cosfest! T_T
But its now or never eh? Haha. Total 6 small bubble dots. Get dressed and visit the doctor~
Yeah man its chicken pox. My first! Hope won't get shingles =X

well, he gave itch pills, Calamine and pain killers... idk there are no medication to cure it!
I have to ditch school today...
Slept the rest of the day. Tired~

Day 2- 9 June 2011

Woke up and I feel like a spider thats going to die.
Urgrh. More bubbles and bumps. so fucking irritating. Cannot stand these... unclean feeling!!!
I want a car to run over me now and drag away all the watery bubbles! URGH!! T_______T

So irritating I want to cry man. The spots sort of squared. Thats more than 40 since last night.

Rest a little more than got dressed for school. Have no choice but to use cosplay make up to really cover up. HAH!

When I reached home... I feel worse. Its like.... x2 when I left house.
My face became a real stargazing chart. Lol.

Day 3- 10 June 2011

The bubbles GREW in size! and number still multiplying by idk how many. OMFG STOP MULTIPLYING AND GROWING CAN! FUCK YOU BUBBLES!!
\ O /
Now they are like... 1/2 of the iPhone button! OMG. and Its not the itch that I am bothered with. It freaking itch AND hurts. Like OUCH when brushed against something.
The huge bubbles really really REALLY look like bubble wraps!! Now I really wanted to pop them. But the inside of the bubbles are... clear liquid~
Lol? Hmmm... Its serum? idk man.
I am forgetting my immunology stuff >__<
One bubble on my face accidently burst when I rubbed my eyes.
Urgh and this is ridiculous. I am getting this everywhere. Yes the unimaginable places too. Like inside my nose(wtf man....) and on my gum(even more wtf....)
I just feel like going around naked because the clothes hurt even. Rawr.
I really hope that its going to deflate soon.

I stopped Calamine lotion already. Its doesn't help much. Itch is level 1 only. Yeah. Its a painful torture but I just hate to scrub off the calamine. Even lots of scrubbing doesn't help.
There are uh...white residues every time I dot a spot. Cannot...stand... unclean things...
-scrubs away-

Okay. I am going off to bed now. Lets see what tmr brings.


Day 4- 11 June

Woke up feeling like a dried salted jellyfish. Hahaha
and in my sleep, I had a disguise inspiration. I shall wear mask to school. That I did and even stayed for the tutorial. But I am losing connection to earth during tutorial. Lol.
The bubbles are still the same. Sometimes, it felt as though there is static in them. Then I would hurry and look at it. To my dismay, it didn't deflate like I thought it would. Blegh.
The fever came again and I slept all the way till Sunday.

Day 5- 12 June

Feeling no better than yesterday.
Hmmm the bubbles some had gone grey and a little deflated. But those aer on my body. The exposed to outside environment are still big bubbles. Hmmm a little bit of grey and thats about it. -Sighs- please deflate soon. The ones on my face are really testing my patience. It kept getting in the way. In the end, I accidently bust a few bubbles T__T
I will so pay for my crimes terribly. wonder how long more to heal and recover.
Its sucking up my mana pretty fast. Losing appetite too. Haven't enjoy eating for a long time already. But I get to lose weight XD

Day 6 and 7
I chant like a mantra that... "adults with chicken pox are 20 times more likely to die"
over and over. The bubbles are dark and uh murky. They hurt a lot and are very irritating that I feel like dying. Really.
I skipped school, because life is hopeless.
I rock man! Woohoo.

Day 8
Life isn't that bad. So fast more than a week. The bubbles... some are deflating. The small ones are scabs. I got impatient and accidently scrubbed my face too roughly while washing. Opps. I hope the scars will heal.

Now its Day 13
The scabs are still there T_T
Fall off already dammit! Garrr~
Feel so much better. At least I got it now. Now I am immune. Whahahahah~ and at least its not EOY. Motochika must look good. I am afraid i cannot fullfill that. U___U

Now the log will stop. Pretty pointless to keep log about scabs. Haha. I think 1 or 2 weeks will heal.

I need time on my side.

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