Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Prussian Blue

Before Cosfest.

Day 1 stuff is almost done.
Well... honestly, its still not almost. I have wig to dye. Accessories to complete,dry and paint.
There is still the make-up trial. Phew. I think I have to trial the make-up to school. Or at least just the eyeliner. Oh yes, I still have to buy contact lens. D:

Here are some stuff that I have complete. Still need to add on and adjust.
But the jacket is SO comfortable! The scarf too. Homg. 2m worth. -cuddles-

This is the 2m long scarf. Hemming and combo-ing in process ^o^
The belt buckle. Its sucks that its made of clay O_Q
I ran out resources idea. Hahaha.

The wig. 1st layer dyed. Light cool grey and then natural grey. To give a real and gradient effect. I already bought the real colour. Prussian blue~ Shall dye it complete tomorrow or thursday.

These stuff are for day 1 only.
Hmm day 2. I haven't do anything with the felt. Only have to do a plushie. A FREAKY BABY! =A= omg man.

Good luck to me.

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