Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pink can glass

Comifest 2

Day 1

Did Gokudera again XD
Its a convenient casual character. And I am beginning to like doing him U_U

And I really attended an event alone. But I stayed there for only about 1 3/4hrs
I am actually surprised that there aren;t that many Gokudera anymore. Some time ago, there are floods of KHR cos-ers. Now... still Vocaloid and Sheryl/Rnaka floods.
Thank god though. They suck creativity from people. Now.... new characters come slow... Hurr. Buy time to ride the uncharted water *_*

Day 2

Did Rin Okumura.
Hmmm this was my original plan for SOY 2011. But I couldn't see the katana colour. So while I did a default black and silver... The news that the anime is coming arrived! I am so happy. Finally I get to confirm that its blue. Yay XD
Then I intend to do Rin for Cosfest 2011. But, at this point of time, I couldn't think of anything else to do for comifest.
So why not just go ahead with the plan^^;
Hell yeah... in the end I did Rin. He is a whole lot of fun. The katana blade broke from the hilt in the end. Have to repair it soon.

Mizu did Aoi. That version which uh she was in the middle of Tohoshinki and then before the school got blasted and then the uniform version. Lol.

Hmm i don't understand why my mouth seems to be not closed in the pictures.
so disgusting. I need to practice angry or scary face.
-slaps face-

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