Sunday, July 31, 2011

Flowy robes + Strips on scarves

"Master, I cannot hear you..."

The Harry Potter shoot with credits to ミズ。Scarves and robes those all~
Well, I don't follow that series at all. Except when I happen to read some of the books...half-way.
Not the right dose for fantasy for me. But I have to really like the movies. I am sure the books are deeper.
Haha look at LOTR, the movie and the book doesn't sync in... length ;D

Anyways, the robe and scarf, are done by her. So for me, its a free cos.
The shoot was fun. Although before we headed to shoot location, Xuyun's wig isn't brought along. So thank heavens, Spotlight have a pretty decent wig!
Ah that reminds me to get the vampire fangs~
After getting the wig, headed off to fort canning park. The day was sooo hot. Oh man, rolls of tissue doesn't work. But with plans, the shoot went on alright.
Indoor shoot in dark places is not OK though. :(

Ended it all around afternoon-ish. Head to PS and grab late lunch and upsize lunch felt so worth it. Hot day and all. Whew. 

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