Tuesday, November 1, 2011

About time, I edit something else other than Rin. Huhuhu~
Well, Halloween is today. Supposedly we are to be doing Marauders again. But, school FML.
Besides, work this entire week. 

Omg. Idk how to finish up the reports.
Do the online test.
And start on revision. 
Other previous units, I am able to finish stuff without depending on others. Its definitely my bad habit to cling around if I am given a chance. Okay man.

I better make a schedule. 
Tmr after work, I will do revision.Until 5pm, where I will head to the library and print out my report. At a really expensive price of $0.30 per page
But the fare to NYP will still fall around the same.

Please... where is Hakimah?
Aki for once, or at least until EOY, lock yourself up in a dungeon.

Woohoo, the colour and font matches James. 

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