Sunday, November 6, 2011

Trial and audition


Today is the audition for EOY. 
It went quite well. Though mistakes that we did, try to cover up cooly. Haha
Met Tachi in the train. Reached Dhody at around 12+
Went to Daiso and then to Popeyes for lunch, or a feast is a much more appropriate word. But when we were going home, I am already very hungry.
Did a couple of runs...

So, we must shorten the Skit. Cut the conversation between Moto and Tachi.Gracia twirls, Knif villlian. They are good man, I must think of more poses etc. I will sleep on this. Skit and poses.

Take note...

When reached home, actually, I am dead tired man.
But I have ti be online, to intercept an email.

-uses toothpicks to keep eyes open-

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