Sunday, November 4, 2012

Post reserve because too giddy to stay up and type post

Sooo freaking tired.

Finally did Lithci today with Kiyo as Kanon. GAhhh My head is still giddy from today.  @________@

Met Kiyo at Ion then to change and cab to location. The driver is so smooth. Hahaha
There were some people shooting there (gunner versionnnnn) and we shoot photo version.
Manage to finish transformin into all of the club members. It is mentally draining. 
Then Yuu joined us later. We had lunch and finished up the last 3rd or 4th chara. 
Note to self: get 7 torches and diff coloured lens filter or something. 
After shoot, cab by magic to Taka and changed out. I am now going to bbring makeup remover to events. 
Its feels soooo bloody great to wash face after tired day with cold water.
Overall, it was a fun fun day. 

Thanks guys~!

Ah this is AFA's progress. Rin outfit.
Collar and lacing left. But I kept the sewing machine already. So lazy to start back to do Rin's outfit. 


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