Sunday, November 18, 2012


Day 1 did Shinya Kougami form Psycho pass.
Thats Thelindra and  Jo InuXBokuSS. And Kiyo FMA.

Rin Okumura Ao no Exorcist- Movie Version.
Yay~ Found a Yukio there <3 p="p">
This year, cleared a lot of missions at AFA.
Saturday was like hell. Soooo many people. There are Q lines EVERYWHERE! Omg feel like burning the place down.
Saw Kaname and Reika. Didn't get to catch Mikoto.   D:
Day 2 saw all of them + Yukari~
Kyahahhhaaah they are all darn amazing. -twirl in happiness-

I wish I got the concert ticket. Watching LIVE from Niconico is... still awesome but wish could be there in body.

And so darn broke. I have now $12 for the rest of the year. Yes it includes autumn budget. OTL
Whai I spent 100+ at AFA. ;___;

Oh this is my final outfit for Autumn. Must NOT change again. Ahax.

This one below, was the initial. Since I cannot get soo many chiffon, became the ^
The hair will be the same. Oh the shoes is armor front. And claw blade (Zhang He!!)

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