Thursday, November 8, 2012

Almost done and readyy

Rin's mask. I realllyyy like it a lot! Felt -hearts-
I did 4 masks. 2 for Yukio. 2 for Rin. 
But in the end, only 1 is completed. The other Rin I spill gold paint on the ears. 
My mother saw me wearing this mask.. and she did some neko sound and almost a dance. ROFL. 
Oh yes, I was doing Rin collar, and a do and redo is until I lost count how many times. In the end, I was just going to stick to the horrible collar which I made. As usual, I showed her my final product to ask her opinion. She goes 'NO! NO! No!!  No no no' When she saw the ugleh collar. I told her I forgot how to do it already. And she said, 'I will do it for you. Only a while. Very fast one'
So she did it for me. I sat beside her and study. While my game is playing.
Then she did the frist time wrong. Inside out. LOL.
Then the second time she did it right but one side very very obviously much longer than the other. Haha

The final one is right. (She was frustrated already at the mistakes) 
So Rin is done now except for the last button. Friday night can sew. Thank you mom.
Oh she also hem the remaining area for me. She asked why I didn't sew this part. I said 'No blue thread. But forgot to buy so friday i going to just sew it.'
And then, she did it for me.    (^w^)V

Today I painted the details on. It looks nice in picture. Ahax.

Then I added glow in the dark coat over the design. The colour is now to the greener side.

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