Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Future full of blue skies

This is pretty frustrating. I really did not intend to lose any weight... but... shit... need to gain back some. All these pants are falling and the belt need more holes. 
Well slimmer is good cos need lesser cloth. But bloody hell, I bought that new pants for Takuto. Then... then... HE USED WHITE PANTS. OMG
and need to alter the black pants. 
I have non-existent butt  ;____;
Hahahaha my mom says so too. Is it because I like to it on hard floor instead of fluffy cushions? LMAO.

Well whatever. 

Hmm now I am proud to say I have a normal... YES A NORMAL muggle problem  HOORAYY
but the problem is not something to be happy/proud off. I have to live with it for 3 years. Until a solution is found. But there seem to be none. I have to give in sooner or later. 3 years man. THREE fucking years.
But lets look at it this way. 3 years to go full blast!!!
Jeez I only have 3 years of my life left~~ Why am I going to finish school anyways? Ugrh, so annoying. 
No, its quite sad actually. 

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