Sunday, March 24, 2013

Yuki wig!

HAHAHA Totally cxgnugm2 w/o make up. The capsicum is my buddy there hehe.
The Yuki wig that was...
omg I was pissed for a moment. The fringe was trimmed and the seller didn't tell me :'O
So... sad. Because, its not exactly how I would cut my wigs. There is no gradual layer. Its just direct snipping. And M attempt. I don't like those. -flips table-
Straight stuff no layers are very annoying. -cries-
Then again... maybe its not the person's trimming. Maybe its.. idk.. just suppose to be like that. Urgh, you can see its not V. Its U. (The center of the fringe directly on my nose bridge)

Its not the end of the world anyways -smiles-
Now I am going to think of what bag to bring. The army bag will be too big. My casual bags average size and small only. Hmmm... I hope no need to bring lab coat (even though its lab).

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