Thursday, March 28, 2013


Have tried the first kind of eyemake up that might work I thought. 

Drawn the eyeliner a slight square and below my lower lid. Its suppose to work in theory, then it looks like crap. The end result is, my eyes turned out way too big. Now I guess its not my eyes are too big, the lens are TOO BIG for a natural eye effect. Awww damn. I wonder if Zera's type of sharp ends will work. Or shall I do Shinsuke's. Or try more other options.
Jyeah I think will try other effects. 

Scary man. Totally not Yuki  -sobs-
Kay.. I need to cut the wig too.

This eye is easy. Really like the eyebrows here. Hurr~~ But the eyes are kind of slanty sharpish-yet-not-sharp here too. 

Normal eyebrows here. Omg so...

IDK how this will turn out to look like. Hahaha.
I have never felt doubt of pulling off something before. Only this time... Urgh please work out fine!
I mean, I don't even doubt when I want to do Motochika. Hahaha 


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