Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Duck drum

Thank you Kiyo for the PP sheet which is like MIA at Daisos. So when I reached home, still in work wear, I immediately start on the barrel fro 3DMG. 

 Dismantled the drums

 Cut the PP and fold. Its quite hard. Hahaha cos when top aligned, the bottom half came off. In the end I ask my brother to hold bottom,while I cut duct tape and 'piak' on the gap. Lol. 
Taadaa.. I has a duck barrel. Hahah yellow PP~~ quack quack.. 

Lol. And my new bag is a BIG DUCK TOO. XD
Idk what came over me. If have hippo and turtles, or other animals i wld have gotten them too.

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