Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Event log


Day 1:
DTB Hei and my darling Xuyun as Yin. Hahahaha Re-did them from EOY cos, well... make full use of your costumes. EOY we didn't walk around and take pictures anyway XD

Woke up quite early, and finish up packing. Then did make up. And to do normal/ light eye make up is harder then doing elaborate ones. Its still not that 'natural' in the end, but at like Yin say 'Fuwa fuwa' eye as at EOY. Hahahaha. Omg...Good thing I changed out to plain lens after liquid foundation slipped into my eyes and burn   ( 3___3 )
Then met Yin at 1030-ish at Sengkang.
Reached Bayfront and changed at Harry potter toilet, but there are already quite a lot of ppl in it. But don't thinm it could be that bad. But ye gawd! The new generation ppl are sooooooooooooooooo noisy! Put make up they like take forever. Hei and Yin do make up very quiet. On a few sentences to ask/say opinion. Then we decided to eat.. I was worried for Yin but in the end she is okay. Lol Hei as the one who didn't eat since the day before. Che. Had sushi cos its all Q everywhere. GDI.
And yesh had guavas too! Eat and talk until I think very long. Lawl. Went to toilet to re-wear Yin's wig. Hairpin spam and finally it stays. Woo!

Head to event and met Kiyo there. And everything is fluffy and faded. The events now mashed up and remixed in my head. 
We didn't went in, but Yin did. But stuff need preorder. While that, Hei did some shoot. 
Hang around at the Cosplayer's hall. And time flies quite fast. Didn't get to camwhore with all that I want to. And Mika is also dying. Do the usual event thing... And then suddenly need to go off.  Kiyo went home, Yin and Hei stayed a while to do shoot. Gawd, Hei soo noob. Photos forever ugly. 


Then Mika batteries died while we halfway shoot at bridge. 80+ Yin pictures to filter. But I bet only 10 will be nice. LOL

Then we go toilet to remove make up and change out. And head home. Many other cosers also heading home. Hahhhh train is like some anime parody. 

Day 2: Hotsuin Yamato DS2
Solo- forever alone  ;___;
Did eye makeup form home and then head to niece's wedding before heading to STGCC with my cousin and niece. Nobody recognises me. Lol and everybody stares including the waiters. Hahahah and i look so badass in pictures. Rofl.
Anyways, then reached at ard 230pm and change in a toilet cubicle without lock. LOL
Nvm I nothing worth it to look at also. Hahahaha. And tehn walked about a few round and take pics/ exchange cards. Then Kiyo at basement, and Konan followed to see her. Yay! Sasha~~ then she finish up changing and we went up... and same thing... blur of events happening. Everbody MIA from Everybody. Sasha and Historia got tickets and go in to look around. Hahaha Konan let us bunk over Thanks man. Heh usually we just lug bags ard and use them to clear path  >3
And I spazz over some people. Ah I am surprised that there are also ppl who recognise me for me. And talk to many more people also. Make new friends and plan new commitment. Lol idk what I just agreed on with people, then idk cant contact you all. Lawl
I hug the most number of people that day then any other days. DS2!!!!!!!!!!!!! GDI you guys damn cool. 

Hnghhhh and suddenly its almost 7pm.
First time also I fell asleep at event. Really very tired. Hahahaha woke up suddenly got people shoot beside me. Stupid flash at sleeping Hotsuin  >( 

/flying kick
Got up and walk in out and idk how many times slowly round the event. Then then Sasha came back and we all left I think. Haha just feel like cabbing back and sleep till next week. ZZzzzzz...
What happen then?
Ohzz ppl make use of mistaken identity too ;D
Good job Sasha.

Uh i guess thats all. Want to type longer but my fingers damn slow and my brain more fuwafuwa images then proper sentences.
I guess pictures I will upload after test on tuesday. But Wed morning till 5 work so... wed night then. Ahhh how to work when having withdrawl. OTL

Need to buy so many more things, stock low. 

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