Thursday, September 19, 2013

Val Night

Should do a T.M.Rev Birthday post!

♪♪♪ お誕生日おめでとうございます~! ♪♪♪

Heheheh went out to eat ramen and cawanmushi finally.

Heine is lagging on gimp a while so I will post a costume breakdown. 
Not SnK but for the 3rd night.


Hahahahahahahahahhahahaha so budget I max out this costume is going to be around $30. Hopefully cloth won't be evil. This exclude wig and boots. But those stuff equals to NIL cos will loop around other character that needs the same wig/ boot style.
Now just let me find my clay. If it hardens, I will have to soften with water or .... find other alternatives. 

My taobao shipping is shit man. Boots double the price. But still less than $30 so its okay. Hold on... haven't arrived yet. no reason to be rejoicing. I hope it fits. If not, I will have to chop off my toes.

Still have ti look for Joui's Takasugi cloth. Just the inner lining saturated maroon/magenta somewhere in the middle. Grrr I hate colours somewhere in the middle. Like the gold for L-elf.
Oh sweet... just remembered that ran out of gold and white gold paint too. FML

At this rate I won't have money left for concert and even the admission fee. Dammit I need a sugar family. 

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