Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cut me open

Surgery is soooo fun and exciting. Hahhahahaha~

I took longer than my estimated time. Because there was a problem with my heart rate. Lol. Unnaturally high. In the end after like almost an hour and a few doctors have to be called in, they have no choice but to carry on with the surgery despite my complications. Have to do some emergency tests too cos my hormone level is also unnatural. Many needles poked on chest and my arms. Lol the team was how many more needles?
My surgeon said, its alright, she is strong. Hell yeah, I told them go on. Do what you must. I am alright. Then the nurse was.. its okay. Her heart rate still as high. Everybody lol-ed and... continue poke needles.
And my hormones is very high. Hahahah oh wow. (Wth does that mean?) Then they draw a few tubes of blood. And more bags of blood comes in from donors...
Then my doctor came and look at me... I told you not to lose any weight right? You lose a lot again.
I am sorry! I tried eating a lot already!! I even ate meat and sweet drink to increase weight unheathily gdi. -cries-
Then more patients waiting outside, called a nurse. My surgery really have to do now, can't delay anymore.
Surgeon says, We will put you to sleep now. And then put more needles and tubes into to you to help stabilise you later. The nurse put the mask on my face, OK breathe in deeply. Askes some qns I answered the first qns but fell asleep already before I can hear the next qns.
Suddenly I saw a light and heard my name being called. Feeling discomfort in various places...
Wth? Whats going on? Where am I? Who.. oh.. nurse... Wait what? Huh? Like a million qns in my head running like movie. Ahahaha.
And the nurse was wiping my wet cheeks and eyes. What is that? I asked.
Oh your tears. Some patients are like this.
Oh wow.. I am some of those weird patient. Hurr~
How you feeling?
Sleppy. Hungry. -and I fell asleep-
Then I woke up again. She came and Oh try to stay awake. Tell your body to be awake.
Right. I tried to fight the sleepyness. -fell asleep rightaway again-
Another nurse. Are you hurting anywhere?
Yes. But its okay. It like a knife stab only.
Nurse eyes like O_O
I laughed. -gad i regret that hurt more like fuck- I rate pain only 1. Got more pain than this.
Then I cant rmbr cos events like between my  half asleep state.
Then i rmbr rejecting sooo many milo cups.Only ask for more palin water. And the nurse are arguing behind my bed curtains to force milo into me and its a must.
1 more nurse nicely ask i reject again. Then they change the IV drip with another drip.
I want coconut water  -sobs-
I asked that nurse how long I asleep. She said 2hrs. Its normal. But they expect me to sleep longer cos I have a lot of injections and drugs during surgery. My surgery took only abt 1hr tho.
LOL. What happen during surgery? OTL
Then my surgeon and doctor came and tell me I am doing great. Oh we finally got to lower down your heart rate and other levels. Look -points to some monitor that I cant see cos no glasses- they better now. Rest well. You got a lot of injections just now.
Thank you for taking care of me. -again I want to know what happen during surgery-
Stares at monitor. -beepbeepbeep-
Nurse talk that they cant change my time and stats. So all the ppl that come after me will be affected.
Aahh gomen other citizens and patients.

Slowly, I shift to day ward and they observe me from there. Then I told myself need to fake very alert and not drunk drugged -eventho i am feeling liek crap-
Nurse came. How you feeling? Can sit down.
Focus bitch. Talk normal dont slur. Oh I feel great! So much better now. Smiles and laughs -hold in your goddamn suffering- My throat sore like fuck. Must be the tubes they out into my body.
Oh good. we goign to shift you to sit then in abt 2hrs you can go home and I will call your parents.
-I am wondering what time it is now already...and i just realised I am naked and can see the stitches and dotted lines where they cut, but i bandaged so not that unsightly-
Suddenly I am sitting on a chair and did I walked out? Gdi Idk what I am doing really.
Then I saw my parents at the entrance. Then i go to them. Then hey hey we sat... Lol.
And talk and take pic. Hahaha
Then a nurse run abt looking for me. She didnt scold me.
My parents were like... You sneaked out? \O/
Nurse said Oh its okay. She is still under anesthetic. She don't know what she is doing. She will forget abt the operation and all when the drugs wear off ard wed. (Thats why i dragged myself from bed to here to type. Later tmr i forget already ahhaha) She might look normal and alert but actually she is quite like a zombie.
actually true enough... i dont remember what we talked so seriously abt. I know its abt my medications and stitches. ahhaha lucky she told my parents, they can rmbr.

So I seem good enuf to sneak out and i really wanna go home they discharged me yesterday evening.
I want to KO so badly by then and i cant rmbr my locker code at all. Why do they even... if patients cant rmbr after drugs let them choose code  OTL
The nurse brought a master key to open. Then i changed out. I slumped and my mom dragged by by my arm once I stepped out of the wards. Hhahaha then cab came like the moment we Q. Then I slept until today.
I think i ate last night.

Idk how to eat my medications. I think I ate already? Got missing tablets...
Ok i am very tired and in pain again. Cant do much. Gonna find am arm sling. got 7 days MC not even fit for light work.
It hurts to talk, laugh, cough, sneeze and walk. Lie down also some time later will hurt. Zzzzz...

But overall... it was fun and exciting.

Lets see if need to cut my right body too. 31st.
Shit how to watch Gintama..

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