Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dancing titan test and Imma 4eva ugly rofllmaowtf

HAHAHA Omg i am soo sorry if somebody died seeing this. LOL
I cant stop laughing. Was going to do Ymir's makeup test because well... nothing is impossible and its gdi so fun to do make up . Then my phone camera soo sucky and my room lighting too. Lol so the first pic was left and right side diff eye make up. Just thicker and squarer eyeliner. Darker upper eyelid fake crease and lower lid roundifed  and extended. The right side is normal eyeliner drawn on upper eyelid only and 1.5X thicker than the left side. Not 3 shades of fake upper eyelid fake crease. And no mascara cos I lazy remove if I am gonna wear.
The bottom pic is.. well... -rolls eye- I got initiative to draw the hair 'shape' and got carried away. 
Since my eyebrow is too far from my eye, I drew the right distance in. And... what I wld draw if doing Ymir for real. And thank heavens, I am not ever goign to do Ymir. I look so ugly and freckles looks like fucking acne scars. 
Oh pls pls pls freckles ARE NEVER BLACK. Imma slap you if you dotted black spots. I know I did that in first pic. Heh. Learn from mistakes.
Oh gawddamn I am so ugly.     -purge-
I look like the monkey FOB had.   /stabs eyes

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