Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Females are scarier that males

After I changed out into the hospital gown (damn I look good in pink GDI HAHAHAH /le brick), everybody in the waiting room looked at me. I am like.. Okayyy... stands quietly at a corner really aware of each and every pair of eyes. Like quite a lot of people. Not that I am uncomfortable or anything, just aware. All the sofas face each other and there is just a space left for 1 more person to sit. Hell I want to sit.
Walks and eyes follows. My boots thud, thud, thud... -flops- on sofa and spread arms a little behind the aunty beside me. She shift a bit away trying not to look. I am like.. wtf is wrong with this room aura. Maybe I forgot to tone down intimidating aura. -tones down a bit, relax my mind-
Maybe my Dragunov hair is really too elvish and I look epic funnny like what sister commented. Ahhh @_@
Aunty shifts back to near me.
Ard 20mins, I humming some songs, and everybody looking at the floor expect me looking at TV cos I can see disturbing Index and the news reader eyebrows are funny.
Then the aunty on my right got up cos her name was called. Ard 5 mins later, -crosses legs the other way damn cramped-
Aunty 2 seats from me lean in closer to me and asked "Excuse me, you are a girl?"
I am internally facepalming and rolling ard in my mind. Wth really you all thought I was a guy. In a dressing gown sitting in harem now? HAHAHAHA  I could play along host. LOL wtf you all. I wanna laugh until pee at that point already.
"Eh.. yeahhhh." Smile big big. I am totally harmless people.   /headdesk
A few aunties smiled, I smiled back at everybody.
"Oh. Okay." And she shift closer. Now.... everybody shifts and get comfortable.
5 mins later during the commercial and I am humming Be.
Lady: "Oh can I ask if, Are you Singaporean?"
Me: LAUGH. (Yes I actually laughed. Then before I laughed and got carried away and creep out the entire hospital, I stopped lmao-ing.) "Yes I am."
She stares at me. "Really?"
Me: -snorts- "Yes really. Why?"
Lady: "Oh very...oh.... never mind " she looking ard like so awkward other aunties just stare at us. OTL finish your sentence dammit. I want to know. I really really want to know!
Me: "Its okay. I get that REALLY REALLY a lot"
She turn ard. Then a few sec later. She turned back to me and ask what I doing there.. like... in scan clinic. I so young. Hahaha! You don't say... I am trying to make party here? Hahaha.
She then continue to probe me more on my personal life.   =A=;

The nurse called my name and I am saved.

Females are terrible. Like... omg your eyes I can feel them molesting me. -kicks kicks-

After I am done, walked past room... -they stares-
Then faster changed out and go by doctor clinic so they can't see my civilian form. Hahaha.

From today onwards, I will not count how many people ask me that. Like seriously. Secondary school I got ppl ask my race. Am I chinese? No. Oh then you are..? Take a guess.

I told my mom and she told me next time teh next person ask Where I am from? I must say... "Where do you think I am from?"

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