Thursday, June 12, 2014

Plans for FAM

Plan for this Sunday 90% confirmed to be:

Let me spazz for a while...
Unfortunately, the full version for this video will never be released. 

The all pure white version first. Since the part BnW will need quite a job. And so will the BnPartW version.
Will need to get the buttons though. And can't see the accessories that clearly. Gonna hunt for images now. Hurr~

Now what to do for Saturday. 60% leaning towards Ottoya. But crap, lacking so so so many things for that version still. The practical-ness part of me says Gokudera suit version. But I do not have the box props. And darn lazy to make with Uri. Grrr...

Oh wait. Saturday... I might do casual Takuto hurr~

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