Sunday, June 8, 2014

Wigs styling post~

Haven't styled some wigs for quite some time. Yuu chan got Rui wig, and asked to style it. But its a shivering experience because I am just not able to come to terms with the wig quality. Quite poor quality. There is such a difference with FS quality (well, most of the old fibers, but their new fibres are not that bad either).

Here is the wig unstlyed. Oh and it doesn't come with tags to indicate that its very brand new. Hahahaha quite amusing, but okay. Tags not important anyways. Straight and its seems like natural black.

Then on with the first curling. Just to get the wig warmed up I thought. I dare not go for high temperature because, this isn't mine to yolo with. Haha And the wig so stubborn. Even with many attempts at normal curling method. Hmmm after multiple retrying, got some curls at the edge. Yesh now can start the real styling after done with basic curls everywhere. Just did slight curling on the fringe too. 

Unsatisfying really. Multiple tries again to get the final result. 

Auntie curly hobbit. The fringe no cutting because, its perfect for my face proportions from my 'wig stand'. Hope it will be okay on Yuu chan face too. Lawl. MSN wig won't need cutting also leh.

So here I am writing this post, because I am stuck in my room holding in naature's call, because my grandma is performing prayers outside my room door. And she always take a really long time, haven't even end and do reading and chanting yet.

:'D    dies in room

So lemme dig some nice quality wig to compare with

That softness and HNGHHH feel... right but bad quality picture. This was when I was going to dye it for Motochika.  Human scalp top also. Much raburabu.

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