Monday, December 28, 2009

Eh Oh Why~ 2009

Did Gokudera Hayato, not even sure if this version have a name. Rofl. I reused prototype dynamites. The new ones cmi lah. =3 =

I have already posted an entry at my LJ, heh~
and im too lazy to retype and resort my brain... so yeah.. go read my LJ. Rofl.

Was in the toilet, i saw full length mirror, i saw good lighting, i saw opportunity to up XP points.
See, i phailed in up-ping XP. Im not even centre. OTL

No smoking.
Right... I do not have any cigaratte, but.. I do have un-explosive dynamites.
Im at a dead end too. XD

I don't know when she snapped this picture. But I like this the most can.
= w =

And I supposedly bending down to get a 'hair forward' effect i suppose =X
I like this one too.

And from this picture, I just realised that I am for once, tall. XD
but not tall enough.
I am like 158... the boots and 10.5cm.
so... I STILL HAVENT REACH 170?! Wth.

Manage to get a shot with Naoya~ TYL Hibari. XD

Before we went home and walk ard in Bugis junction, had an Xmas shoot. Heh~

Awaiting more pictures.

Be tuned in @__@

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