Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I have no right to say

have to halt all Cosplay plans and props making for the moment.
zOmg, cant even believe that Im even blogging now.
But just soem update, to prove that im still living well...

Here is the 'box' waepon in progress.
its 4.3cm and its a cube... XD

Must make more soon.
But after my tests, which are like.. next week~

I have to thank everybody who actually took the trouble to make me feel uncomfartable and really awkward on that day.
Seriously, i dislike birthdays celebration.
Even if people are just giving me gifts. I really feel that im not worth that much of whatever they gave.
But just a wish would already meant a LOT to me. -hugs everybody-
For a moment, i feel like Lacus. OTL
But Im a little sad that my father just gave me cash. =(
I dont want your money... just once in my lifetime...
say a word or sentence of praise and that im not a disappointment~
i would be really happy.
Its not like my father never praise me or anything before... But its just that he is never serious when saying it... same goes for you mother.
thats is disappointing and sad really.

A child never worth a sincere word of good.

and this is the reason, why my younger sister IS the elderst in teh family.
So, in the end, nobody is to blamwe but myself. but, i will move forward. hopefully. =3

+ I am a disappointment. -I wont change myself, I have my reason for doing things, and teh world doesnt need to know ;D-
+ My future is cloudy...

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