Thursday, December 17, 2009


Finally have a photo editing software. Phew~

so~ i get to my fingers and edited some pictures...
Light editing only lah. Since, it is not appropriate to beautify ugly things.
Just making it bearable.

Still need to improve on many areas and get used to the editing software.

Here are some, that i tried to edit:

Fail, i know. But.. i dont think its that bad lah.

Brighten the pics.. and ahem.. erase my MASSIVE eyebags. >///<

And another of teh same pic... im not sure if i liek it.. but just experimenting with teh layers. =D

Hmm thats all for now.
I would want to put some props and costume pictures, but somebody stole Mika's batteries.

Maybe tomorrow~

Good night everybody~

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