Sunday, December 20, 2009

19 December 2009

The tea party is finally over.
Well, phase 1 at least, cos we haev decided that we want more shoot according to the story line.
Its Alice in Wonderland story line... and reshifted a little.


Alice | The White Rabbit | The Mad Hatter | The March Hare | The Cashire Cat |
The Queen of Hearts

The March hare was me~ XD

So, they came over to my house. and we had a shoot near by first followed by the Tea party itself later on.

Its quite rushed, cos we are pressed for time.

Here are some of teh pictures;

And~ its was so fun... Like.. can EAT + nomnomnomssss

Kyaa~ > w <

And... im putting up camwhore pictures;

Like... all my expressions are the same ..|..

Tsk... waits for my mood to cool down.

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